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  2009.06.17  23.09
Havaianas Filipinas Widget


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  2008.05.03  23.14
A widower's lament

I couldn't keep you safe from harm, my love,
but I kept you in my heart.

You were the breath in my lungs,
the blood in my veins,
the light in my eye,
and now that breath is gone.

That blood and the light are gone.

Now I am left, a voice.
And the Lords of Kobol,
as many and as varied as mortal men,
must bend down and lean low
to hear that voice
and hear my lament.



For the beautiful wake, and for making me think of Mythology and Theology and Politics all in one, sad, lovely funeral scene, I dub Battlestar Galactica the best television show ever for the nth time.

Just watch it. It's beautiful.



  2008.03.02  21.33
Click and light a candle for our country. :)

Nice online "petition"




  2007.08.23  15.10
"I'm Not There"

Really cool trailer of a Bob Dylan biopic.



  2006.12.03  16.02

"You get a strange feeling when you are about to leave a place...like you'll not only miss the people you love but you'll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you'll never be this way ever again."
--Azar Nafisi


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  1985.11.11  11.11

bandwagoning and all that. blame feliza. :) but really, no reason not to now that lj's free for all. just text/email/ym me if you want to be friended. :)


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